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Quick Controller

Cantabile's Quick Controller provides a fast way to load songs, states, presets and send simple MIDI events by entering a simple commands that consist of a number followed by a single letter command.

For example, to load the song with program number 123 you can type "123" and the letter 'S'.


Using the Quick Controller

Using the Quick Controller is simple:

  1. From anywhere on Cantabile's main window, start typing a number
  2. Press the letter for the command to be invoked, or press Space, Enter or Tab to invoke some commands (see options below)

When you start typing a number, it appears in the status panel on the main toolbar and a menu appears showing the available commands and the associated letter.


There are a few simple options that determine how the Quick Controller behaves. These options can be found in the Options → Keyboard and Controls:


The first three options determine which command is invoke when the Enter, Tab and Space keys are pressed. The checkbox supports disabling the popup menu (once you're familiar with the commands you need, you might find you don't need it).

Note that even with the popup menu disabled, you can still access it via the View | Quick Controller menu item.

Available Commands

Assign Command
Assigns the entered value to the selected numeric field. eg: If a song in the set list selected, it's program number will be updated. Also works on states, plugin presets, bindings and trigger settings.
Load Song
Load the song in the set list with a matching program number
Load State
Loads the state with the matching program number
Load Plugin Preset
Loads the entered plugin program to the currently selected plugin
Invoke Triggers
Invokes all custom triggers with matching custom event number
Set MIDI Channel
Sets the MIDI channel number of the on-screen keyboard and quick controller.
Send Program Change
Sends a MIDI program change event. To send banked program change enter the bank number and program number separated by a period. eg: 1001.23P will select bank 1001, program 23.
Send CC (Push)
Simulates pushing a MIDI CC button, sending value 127 followed by 0 to the entered CC number.
Send CC (Switch)
Simulates switching MIDI CC switch, alternately sending 127 and 0 between each invocation.
Set CC Number
Sets the CC number to be used for the Send CC Value command (below)
Send CC Value
Send the entered CC value to the CC number selected by the Set CC Number command.
Set Note Velocity
Sets the velocity to be used when using the Send Note On command
Send Note On
Sends a MIDI note on event for the entered note number (using the velocity selected by Set Note Velocity command)
Send Note Off
Sends a MIDI note off event for the entered note number
Send Pitch Bend
Sends MIDI pitch bend event
Send Channel Pressure
Sends a MIDI channel pressure event
Set Tempo
Sets the metronome's tempo
Set Time Signature
Sets the metronome's time signature. Separate each component with a slash. eg: entering "3/4I" will choose 3/4 time signature.