User Guides

Command Line Options

Cantabile supports the command line options listed below.

Note that if Cantabile is already running, most of these commands will be ignored and instead the existing Cantabile window will be activated.

Name of the file to open. Can be a .cantabileSong, .cantabileSetList or .cantabileLicense file
The name of the configuration to use. See Multiple Configurations
When loading a song also specified on the command line, load it with this state
Start up in with Live Mode turned on
Disable various prompts and dialogs that might interfere with running on a headless machine setup
Don't automatically start the audio engine. Cantabile will not process audio/MIDI until the engine is manually started (via the power button top right of main window, or Tools Menu → Run Audio Engine). Starting with build 3679 an optional delay millseconds can be included eg: /dontstartengine:5000 will delay starting the audio engine for 5 seconds.
Run with the main window minimized
Run with the main window maximized
Create shell association for Cantabile files
Remove shell associations for Cantabile files