User Guides v3.0

MIDI Monitoring

Sometimes it's useful to be able to check the MIDI events passing through the system. To support this, Cantabile includes a simple MIDI monitor - a popup window that displays MIDI events in real-time.

MIDI Monitor Window

To bring up a MIDI monitor, select either a plugin slot or MIDI route slot and choose View -> MIDI Monitor from the main menu.

Some notes:

  • For MIDI Routes, the monitor shows events being sent by the route.
  • For Plugins, the monitor shows events received by the plugin.
  • The MIDI monitor has a limited number of events that it shows (to avoid consuming too much memory)
  • You can lock the MIDI monitor from automatic scrolling by moving the selection from the last row (ie: press the Up arrow, or click another row)
  • You can resume automatic scrolling by moving the selection back to the last entry in the list (ie: press the End key)