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Support for High-Resolution Displays

Cantabile supports high-resolution display devices however since many plugins don't support this there are a couple of option to control this, depending on which version of Cantabile you're running and which operating system.

Earlier Versions

In versions of Cantabile before build 3500, or if running on Windows editions before Windows 10 Creators Update there is a single option to enable or disable high-resolution support in Cantabile.

In Options -> General -> User-Interface turn on "Enable High-Resolution UI":

High-Resolution Options

Unfortunately this often results in very small plugin editors as can be seen here:

High-Resolution with small Plugins

For a full explanation of this, see this article. In this environment the only solution to this problem is to disable Cantabile's high-resolution support. Cantabile's main window will appear blurry however the plugin editor windows will appear at the correct size.

Windows 10 Creators Update and Cantabile 3500 and Later

Cantabile build 3500 and later can take advantage of new features in Windows 10 Creators Update to support "Per-Window Resolution Scaling" and allows Cantabile's main window to be high-resolution while the plugin editors remain at low resolution and correctly sized.

This feature is optional and off by default because it's unclear at this stage the impact this might have on the stability of plugins.

To enable this feature go to Options -> General -> User-Interface and turn on the option "Use Per-Window Resolution Scaling".

High-Resolution Options Windows 10

With this feature enabled, Cantabile's main windows will be crisp and high-resolution and plugins will appear slightly blurry but will be correctly sized.