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Network Server

Cantabile Performer Only

Cantabile includes a built-in network/web-server that allows remote control of Cantabile from other machines and supports building custom integrations between Cantabile and other systems.

Enabling the Network Server

By default the network server is disabled, to enable it go to Options -> Miscellaneous and turn on "Enable Network Server":

Network Options

Once enabled, in any web browser on the same local network, enter the IP address of the machine running Cantabile and use the port number 35007.

eg: suppose Cantabile is running on a machine with IP address then in a web brower on any other machine on the network, enter to bring up the Cantabile web interface.


The network server isn't password protected nor authenticated. Currently the only way to restrict access to the network server is via Windows Firewall and/or by isolating to a local network.

Firewall Settings

Cantabile's installer program creates the appropriate firewall rules and URL permmissions to allow the web server to run.

If you want to run the network server on a different port, you'll need to:

  1. Open the appropriate port in the Windows firewall
  2. Set the appropriate URL access permissions

For details on how to do this, refer to the configureNetwork.bat file in Cantabile's installation directory.

Developer Guide

For developers interested in working with Cantabile's network server, see the Network Developer Guide.