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Diagnostic Options

Cantabile supports various settings for diagnosing issues.

Many of these options when enabled will affect Cantabile's performance and should be turned off once you've finished diagnosing any issues. Cantabile will display a warning on startup if one or more of these options might adversely affect performance.

Diagnostic Options
Write Log File
Writes a log file listing out operations as they occur in internally to Cantabile. The log is written to a file named log.txt in the settings folder.
Append Existing Log File
When not selected, the previous log file is overwritten on each run. (A copy of one previous log file is kept as log-previous.txt).
Log File Write Through
Disables disk write caching on the log file to ensure every log entry is written. Prevents losing some log messages immediately prior to a crash or hang. Can severely affect performance - don't use unless necessary.
Console Logger
Displays the log messages in a separate popup window while Cantabile is running. Useful for diagnosing events in real-time.
Verbose Loggin
Logs more stuff :)
Log VST MIDI Events
Logs all MIDI events sent to plugins
Log MIDI In Events
Logs all incoming MIDI events
Log MIDI Out Events
Logs all outgoing MIDI events
Open Settings Folder
Launches Windows Explorer showing Cantabile's settings folder.
Generate Crash Dumps
Captures detailed error information if Cantabile a loaded plugin crashes. These files are essential in helping us resolve issues with Cantabile and after a crash dump is generated you'll be prompted to send it for diagnosis. Please do.
Include Data Segments in Crash Dumps
Captures a lot more information in the crash dump. So much that the file will be typically too large to email. Sometimes we'll ask for this to be turned on and we'll provide an upload location to send the file.
Abort on Managed Exception
Some exceptions can be safely ignored. Although these issued need to be investigate Cantabile will typically continue running to allow you to save your work. Sometimes we'll ask to turn this option on before reproducing an issue so we can capture additional information about the problem.
Disable SSE and SSE2 Optimizations
Disables various floating point math optimizations. You should never need to use these. Removed in build 3500 and later
Disable Audio Engine Timeouts
Cantabile tries to detect if the audio engine becomes unresponsive. This option disables that. You should never need to use this unless otherwise instructed.
Don't Check For Clean Shutdown
If at startup Cantabile detects that it didn't shutdown cleanly on the last run you'll be prompted with some recovery options. This option disables the recovery screen.
Ignore ASIO Reset Requests
Work around for some problematic ASIO drivers that send excessive/spurious reset requests. We'll generally advice to turn this on if we see appropriate error messages in debug logs you send.