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Use x86 plugins in x64 Cantabile

jBridge is a technology that makes it possible to load x86 (32-bit) VST plugins into x64 hosts. Cantabile 2.0 has integrated support for jBridge and will automatically use it if is found to be installed.

For more information about jBridge, please see

Please note:

  • jBridge was not developed by Topten Software - it's an independant technology developed by João Fernandes.
  • For support enquiries and information on known issues relating to jBridge please see the jBridge documentation.

Special thanks to João for allowing the use of this technology in Cantabile.

Using jBridge with Cantabile

To use jBridge with Cantabile, simply install it using the installer available from Once installed Cantabile will detect its presence and automatically bridge plugins as required.

  • It is not necessary to create or rename DLL files as described in the jBridge documentation.
  • After installing jBridge, you may wish to update your plugin path to include folders containing the plugins for the alternate platform and re-scan the plugin folders.
  • Bridged plugins are labelled in Cantabile's main window with an "(x64)" or "(x86)" suffix.