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Installation on more than one PC

With Cantabile's licensing we've tried to reach a balance between user convenience, protecting our own investment and what is generally deemed to be "fair".

The implications and requirements for installation on multiple PC's falls into two categories - Legal and Technical.

Cantabile's license agreement allows installation on multiple PCs - so long as only one instance is used at a time.

Some common scenarios:

  • one computer for home practice and one for live performance - only requires one license.
  • a rack of PC's all running Cantabile at the same time - requires a license for each one.
  • two PC's for live performance, an active one and a hot standby machine - only a single license is required.

See also: Cantabile License Agreement


In technical terms, Cantabile's licensing system uses a product activation scheme where all installations are registered with the Cantabile Software website.

Unlike other product activation schemes, Cantabile's licensing is not designed to restrict properly licensed users from installing on multiple machines. Rather it's intended as a mechanism to stop the runaway piracy that occurs when a stolen serial number or license key is public posted to hacker forums.

Activated installations don't need to be de-activated - so long as you're within the terms of the license agreement (which is very liberal) you should never encounter issues with extra installations.

We hope that our customers will honour their obligations to ensure they're correctly licensed for their particular situation.


If you're unsure on how the licensing terms apply to your particular situation, please contact us and we'll be more than happy to discuss it.