Download the latest stable or experimental versions of Cantabile

Latest Stable Build

This is the latest stable build of Cantabile 3 and includes Cantabile Lite, Solo and Performer in both x86 and x64 editions.


Latest Experimental Build


System Requirements

Cantabile runs on Windows 7 and later.

The x64 editions require a 64-bit operating system, a 64-bit audio driver and 64-bit plugins. To use 32-bit plugins in Cantabile x64, see jBridge.

Other than this, any system capable of running a supported operating system should run this version of Cantabile. Memory requirements and CPU requirements depend on the plugins you're using. Hard disk space requirement about 8Mb.

Recommended: sound card with compatible ASIO driver. If your sound card didn't come with such a driver, try ASIO4ALL for an excellent generic ASIO driver.

Mac OS-X Support

Cantabile only runs on the Windows platform but we're working on an OS-X version as part of Cantabile 3. See here for more information.

Version 2

Cantabile 2 is no longer recommended for use, but is included here for existing customers still using this product.

See also: Cantabile 2 Release Notes

Version 1.x

Cantabile 1.x is not longer supported nor recommended. Also it's only available as an x86 build and licensing requirements for the full edition have been remove (ie: license no longer necessary).