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Upgrading from Cantabile 2

This page contains information for Cantabile 2 users considering upgrading to Cantabile 3.

Upgrading your Cantabile 2 Sessions

Before purchasing Cantabile 3 you should be aware that upgrading existing Cantabile 2 sessions to Cantabile 3 is not a completely automatic or transparent process.

There is detailed information about this here.

Purchasing Upgrades

Upgrade purchases are made via the Cantabile User Portal. To purchase an upgrade, login to the portal (see below), click the license you wish to upgrade and you'll see a link to upgrade at the bottom of the box:

Accessing the Cantabile User Portal

The Cantabile User Portal can be accessed in one of a few ways:

Upgrade Pricing

What's this about Subscriptions?

The subscription is for updates only. Cantabile will continue to run indefinitely even if your subscription expires - you'll just miss out on new features and updates.

For a more detailed explanation on the rationale behind this, see this post.

Grace Period Dates

The grace period for free upgrade from Cantabile 2 to Cantabile 3 commenced mid-October alongside a price increase. If you purchased after that date you'll get the free upgrade to v3. Before that you won't get the free upgrade, but you'll have paid less in the first place.

Changing Email Addresses

If you want to change your email address you can do so in the portal. Just click the Edit Profile button, enter your new email address.

You'll be sent a confirmation message to the new email address to verify the email is correct.


If you have other questions, please get in touch.