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Cantabile Scores 9/10 in Computer Music Magazine

Bloat-free. Awesome for live work. Excellent morph and randomising tools. Sub-sessions are a good idea. Masses of MIDI control.

For live work, jamming and using as a musical sketchpad, Cantabile 2.0 Performer is indeed in our top ten.

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Computer Music Magazine, September 2009

Mistheria on Cantabile

Cantabile Performer... absolutely impressive and awesome!... Tons of features that it is impossible to list... it's the all-in-one total superb solution for my live and studio performances.

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Mistheria -

Testimonial from

Cantabile made my life easier! It's super easy to use and worth every penny. It got LOT's of features like MIDI, metronome, VST support, etc. Thanks for being so awesome. High fives!

Linda - Keyboard player at

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Hundreds of live gigs with Cantabile running every single aspect of my sound on stage. Over 40 plugins and 60 songs in a non-stop 2 hour set and not a single issue or a crash. Top notch functionality and workflow. Can't recommend enough! Artur Waliszewski gives
July 13, 2017
I use Cantabile as a real-time synth and effects host on an older XP laptop. I'm been very impressed and satisfied with the flexibility and performance, it's an amazing tool and very intuitive to figure out. And very reliable. Just what I was looking for. Shawn Johnson recommends Cantabile
October 6, 2018
It's very stable, very versatile, good value for money and keeps getting better and better. Great job Brad! Peter Batink recommends Cantabile
September 13, 2018
Cantabile has been the best VST host experiences to date! I've tried different DAW''s, hardware VST players like the MUSE Receptor Quattro and single program hosts that were good but still lacking something for the knock out punch. Since upgrading my custom "travel" rig to a AMD Ryzen 1700x 8 core, Cantabile has allowed me the ability to harvest all of the power of my hardware!! My requirements change frequently so I need a program where I can configure my midi CC routing -to-controller and other parameters easily. So far I been able to run 14 VST layers with 3 separate controllers with NO problems! I'm sold, the Mac's stay home!! Ed Botts gives
April 13, 2018
I love Cantabile. It is easy to use. Very solid. Always works great. And I have tried a few, but this is the best. And Brad knows so much and is a great communicator. Thx Brad for a wonderful product. David Brown recommends Cantabile
July 4, 2018
Cantabile Performer is a real life changer for the performing keyboard player. It's the most versatile, stabile and reliable VST host (and much more than that) out there. Excellent support and great user community. Herman Kappen gives
June 20, 2018
Just what I was looking for. I'm switching from hardware to software and this makes the task of working out guitar fx chains a breeze. Keith Law gives
April 13, 2018
Love this program I depend on it to make a living Brian Burn gives
May 24, 2018
What can i say? Cantabile changed my life. It's the most stable, fastest, and best supported live host for PC! Sven Godly gives
July 12, 2017
Simply THE BEST VST-host application available! My faithful rocking stage-mate! Giuseppe Iampieri gives
May 7, 2017
Cantabile is an excellent piece of software. I'm using it to play a gig next month, and it is allowing me to switch songs and patches much more confidently than I have before. On one of my songs, I play a piano, and use a foot pedal to add Native Instrument's Session Horns Pro for certain chords. It works brilliantly. Setup is very reasonable and flexible. I'm loading 6 GB worth of instruments, down from 10 GB before I set up linked racks.
As a veteran IT engineer, I can tell from Brad's documentation, instructional videos, and design choices that he has not cut any corners on this product. This is quality, and it is well worth the very reasonable price. David Slack gives
November 21, 2017
Definitely ultimate ;) piece of software when it comes to VST hosting for live purposes. Intended as a swiss knife for keyboard players but as a guitarist I must admit that it suits my needs completely. Especially while connected to a decent controller (Livid Guitar Wing in my case) - eats Guitar Rig or Amplitube for a breakfast ;) Adam Kaliszewski gives
January 30, 2018
This is an amazing piece of software. I had previously used my recording DAW software for live shows, but often found myself making the choice between running out of CPU or increasing the latency to awkward levels due to the features I didn’t need when playing live. This software is lightweight, so I can run the VST instruments and effects I need while enjoying very low latency. Not only that, the programmer himself will actually respond promptly to your emails (though I’d recommend checking out his comprehensive documentation and videos before emailing). Well done on this brilliant product!! Daniel Gileppa gives
November 24, 2017
Pros - Intuitive, versitile, accommodating, Brad is amazing, customizable, professional, integrates launchabile media player for backing tracks, Brad is amazing, uses minimal hard drive space, workflow has no learnng curve, Brad is amazing, audio routhing is very simple, highly organizable for OCD people like me, switchable between songs, and, oh, did I say Brad is amazing?
CONS -(yes, Brad is still amazing) on the dark setting I wish the colors were brighter. I know they can be customized but it seems complicated to write the script. There are many more pros, I simply cannot list. By the way, it is very reasonably priced. John O'Brien gives
November 1, 2017
I gig usually 3-4 times a week with several bands, from small clubs to big arenas, from solo and duets to multi-piece large bands. This software keeps things together for everything I do. I feel confident being on stage, knowing that C3 takes care of all the changes and background work with a press of a button or switch while I can concentrate on my performance. Thanks Brad.......after trying so many others, this one was the one I searched so long and hard for.
Corky Robinson
Memphis, TN Jam Sammich gives
July 17, 2017
I've been using a centralized MIDI control system for live shows since 1989 and Cantabile is head and shoulders above anything I've ever seen or tried. Complex, seemingly impossible MIDI routing, processing, and scaling are very easy and intuitive in C3. All of the key-ranges, splits, layers, controller mapping, filtering, sound setup (external synth patches or VSTs) for a song can be pre-programmed ahead of time and called up with one button, switch, or even a key on a keyboard. In one song I even use the sustain pedal on one of my boards to act like I pushed the mod wheel on a different board up by 20%! There's virtually no limit to what you can do. A definite 5-Stars. Bill Costigan gives
September 8, 2017
I've been using Cantabile for about 5 years and consider myself a pro user. For me this is the best programme, overall for live performance, especially if you're a band or small combo. I only use vst plugins (a lot) and Cantabile allows me to have a pristine, modern sound, with a simple and elegant workflow. It facilitates everything - my keyboard controllers, electric drums, software amps, Fishman Triple Play, Yamaha wx7, TC Harmonizer, etc. Cantabile is at the heart of it all. It's fast, smooth and easy to use. In addition Brad is always available, listening, communicating updating and upgrading. His dedication to making the best programme for us users is really awesome and inspiring. I wish other music software developers would follow his examples. Highly recommended, 6 stars out of five. Lee Holness gives
July 25, 2017
This is hands-down the best VST host for PC. Rock solid stability, easy to configure, looks great, media player/looping not as in-depth as Ableton, but perfect for simple tracks/loops with tempo/pitch shifting. Just as great in a recording/writing session as it is on stage. Its just a shame there isn't yet a macOS version, although the developer is working on it. Chris Van Sickle gives
November 3, 2017
Brilliant VST host - I'm using it in combination with the development of my new electronic musical instrument. Laurie Brett gives
May 27, 2018
I marked very, very good just because some little things I personally miss or would like to see easier to use for my workflow, but actually I'd say Cantabile it is excellent in general. Probably it is the best solution for rehearsals and live available on PC. Gunars Gj gives
July 12, 2017
cantabile is the only one I trust on stage. and Btad is 100 % full in his software dvpmt. so yes the best ! Period. And if you use it with midi routing by bome software, you are the king of galaxy :) PS : coming from a guy who was using Doctor T on commodore 64 and lengelin notator on atari ST lol Fab Babar gives
November 1, 2017
This is the most stable software for vst hosts.
It just still needs a built-in sequencer to easily add backingtracks at a fixed position, add audio-signals quickly to a position helping musicians during the performance (like spoken infos..."bridge", "solo" and "4,3,2,1", and to be able to program program-changes. Frank Röllen gives
October 31, 2017
Started with version 2, now on version 3 for a little longer than a year. Hundreds of gigs with several bands, 100+ VST and VSTi, 100+ songs. Never a glitch, Always feel comfortable that it will work! Marco Tacca gives
August 6, 2017
Amazing vst host. There's so much functionality I'll probably never end up using. So glad i made the switch from a hardware to software based setup and it's thanks to C3. The support, ongoing improvements and user engagement Brad provides is awesome. Danny Pejic gives
October 31, 2017
Easy to use, reliable. Brad's customer service should be copied by many companies. I can give you 2 more stars! Claude Sergerie gives
November 1, 2017
Does what i want and much more. This program is the reason i can play what i play and how i play. Intuitive, easy to set up, quick and versatile. Thanks Brad. Joey Rhk gives
November 1, 2017
I recently began using this amazing software on hauptwerk virtual pipe organ and it's a bam! That convolution reverb of a cathedral pipe organ is what I always craved for. Thanks Brad.

Raphael M
Uyo, Nigeria Mike Raph gives
October 31, 2017
I'm using Cantabile Solo just as a VST host and I find it excellent. Zero latency, great efficiency and perfect MIDI management. Marco Panizza gives
December 20, 2017
I use it for many years. Super stable. You do everything you want and imagine. It sure is the best. Anselmo Ricardo Silva gives
November 2, 2017
Ik gebruik Cantabile voor Hauptwerk (virtual organs). Vooral de opnames van orgels in kleinere kerken beschikken over weinig nagalm. Met Cantabile is eenvoudig galm toe te voegen. Sietze Stob gives
October 31, 2017
For a MIDI challenged bass player such as myself, Cantabile has proven quite easy to grasp and super effective! It has been rock steady live onstage with YYNOT. Fast response to customer support, highly recommended! Tim Starace gives
November 1, 2017
Ottimo software anche nella versione Lite, io lo uso sebbene non sia un bravo musicista, anzi proprio per quello: mi aiuta davvero molto nelle mie realizzazioni. Grazie! Sergio Coraglia gives
October 31, 2017
The best host there is! The support is like the program, great Heiner Fischer gives
October 31, 2017
Cantabile Performer is really a outstanding DAW solution in order to manage all software VST synthesizers and hardware synthesizers in using patches/presets. I don't know no other DAW solution, which works in a similar way (WITHOUT invest a huge effort/time).
Also version 2 was already outstanding and for me the very best solution to organize/manage patches/presets from all soft- and hardware devices in order to "only" playing live/improvise.
Version 3 added a huge amount of improvements and new features.
Keep in mind, that it needs on the beginning in working with CP 3 some time, to understand concepts and workflows.
Here some features, which are for me really remarkable:
1. Preloaded VST incl. patches/presets: That means, you can store a plugin with a patch/preset incl. all plugin settings/modifcations. As part of a setlist/song all stored VST plugins are preloaded in an instance. That means, you can directly play and don't have to wait until everything is loaded. If you generate a song with e.g. 10 different VST/settings/presets/patches it needs only one loading of the setlist if you open.
The first time loading time is various and depends on no. of VSTi and kind of VSTi.
I have some setlists with up to over 300 VSTi preloaded. It is naturally, that that could take up to 5 minutes. But, then you can play/switch through without breaks between VST patches/presets. Really great!
The no. of preloadable VSTi and time depends also on your PC RAM! Here I upgraded to 32GB RAM in order to load this huge amount of VSTi. I guess, the most CP 3 user needs much less preloaded VSTi, cause their aims are different from my aims.
Cause I would combine VSTi without "limitations" and switch through a lot of different patches/presets I selected my personal workflow. And that is exactly what I ever wished :-)
2. Linked Racks
That means, that you only have to build only once your own "library/libraries" with all your VSTi and hardware (sysex) patches/VSTi. Here I have built linked racks by e.g. genre: best of all e-pianos, best of all orchestras, drums/beats, pads, guitars and so on and so on.
Now I can very easy build combinations of several linked racks and don't have to search patches/presets on my soft- and hardware devices. Yes, on the beginning this is a hard and time consuming work. But afterwards it is really great only build songs and a very easy and fast way with it.
I also built best of linked racks with/for e.g. Omnisphere, Keyscape, Kontakt libraries.
As you know, you only use around 10% of all presets/patches of a VSTi or hardware synthesizer. And always searching for the best is time consuming.

The whole structure, workflows, handling of Cantabile Performer 3 shows, that Brad (devoloper) knows excactly, what most musicians are looking for. Great! For me it changed the whole way of using my VST and hardware stuff, cause my way of make music is improvising/playing live.

Great job! Many thanks!
Peter Reichert gives
November 3, 2017

Unsolicited feedback

Other unsolicted feedback, quoted with permission...


The best! Powerful! It does exactly what you need. MIDI functionality is amazing. I use it live every week with multiple instruments. With one touch, I can control 4 different pieces or gear all in sync. It can really change your life. David Rey, Bordeaux France
I use Cantabile as part of my mastering analysis suite, hosting Voxengo SPAN and running alongside RME Digicheck, Spectrum Lab and a hardware spectrum analyser. Cantabile is running every moment I'm working, and much of the time when I'm not, and is a vital part of both my mastering and production setups. Colin of Stooodio Mastering
I'm so thankful - this is the most amazing software for keyboard players V. Petrović
I've been working with Catabile for a couple months and wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed it. I've spent my entire musical life wanting to have a keyboard rig that could "do it all" and now - finally - I feel like it's in reach. I've been programming and layer synths since 1984 and I wanted software that would manage synths, processors etc. ever since! It's truly a dream come true for me. Catabile is everything I hoped it would be. It's solid, has all the features I need and keeps getting better. I know that running a company and designing and maintaining software is a huge undertaking. I, among many others, are very grateful you took this on. You have have a first class product and run a first class operation. Thanks for giving us Cantabile. Bobby Maestas - NC, USA
When I went looking for software to simplify using soft synths, I found Cantabile. I installed and was up and running in minutes. Overall, I'm very happy with the simplicity, stability, and performance of Cantabile. Thank you for the work you have put into such a terrific product. Mike Alstrom - Muskegon, Michigan
It’s awesome. I downloaded a couple VST hosts at the same time as yours and I uninstalled them all. Yours is amazing. Does everything I want plus more and the UI is incredible. Thanks for making it! It’s everything I could ask for. J. Delarm, Digital Ivories Studios
As a professional composer doing a lot of TV work and orchestral programming, I use a huge amount of Virtual Instruments on a slave computer - running on KONTAKT, SWAM and PLAY. CANTABILE is the perfect host for all of these plug-ins. I can save vast templates and load everything I need for a session with one click of the mouse. It's ultra stable, incredibly flexible and makes my job quicker and easier. Marten Joustra, Composer, UK
Cantabile is on my studio machine and my live machine 24/7. There is nothing like it and your support is without peer. It is the tool I use the most because it is the most useful tool in the native world, Running on a multi-client ASIO driver is just amazing. When my DAW acts up or crashes Cantabile is still there ready in a minute without a crackle or pop, even with 16 VST's loaded including even the Kontakt, Diva and VB-3. Amazing work of science and art. You are unique in this field. Cantabile is a gem. Ron Benvenisti -
I use Cantabile exclusively on my 3 tier keyboard rig. I use this rig live in a couple of bands and am very impressed with the stability and versatility of the software. I have a 4th device used for triggering samples from Cantabile as well. When others see my setup they ask lots of questions and your software is one of the first things I talk about. You should see the envy from other keyboard players in my circuit when I tell them my entire rig including speakers, stands and subs costs less than half their NORD Stage 2 88! (I sound just as good and have an endless array of sounds they just don’t have!) So with that, I thank you for your hard work and dedication to a superior product that I will personally vouch for and endorse with every note I play! Scott A. Perry of Kings Mountain, NC
I just want to tell you that Cantabile during the last 5 years has been a very important part of my live set-up. I play about 40 gigs each year, mostly with cover/partybands. And Cantabile has solved all my problems according to play live on several VST-synths and using both midi- and mp3-backtracks. It has made my set-up so much easier - normally about ten minutes from get-in until I'm ready on stage... important when we sometimes play concerts with only few moments for band switching. And best of all: It is running rock-steady! Ole Lund Sørensen, Denmark,
Cantabile has revolutionised my approach to electric guitar. Gone are the tangled spaghetti of pedals and dusty racks. Just a notebook, an SB X7, a pair of active speakers and daisy chained VSTs hosted by Cantabile. Great software. You rock. Snoz, Newcastle, Australia

I have been using Cantabile as a practice tool and I love it. One of my favorite features is the auto-record functionality. There is no more feeling of panic when I play something interesting during practice, because if I can’t remember what I’ve played, I can just play it back to myself. This a fine piece of software and a nice place to spend some time.

Patrick Connelly, Pittsburgh, PA
Software Engineer & Amateur Musician

Great software!!!! Simply great!!! So far i have no words to describe how efficient for live performance is your software.

Michael Vardavas

I'm extremely happy with my purchase. I really enjoy everything about this program from the user interface to the 'record' options. Everything is purposefully thought out in an intuitive manner

Christian Lujan, Dallas, Texas, USA

I just wanted to say hello and thank you for creating such an excellent product in Cantabile. I used v2 a bit here and there for a while... but wow, v3 is really outstanding and coupled with your e-book my music rig is now in tip-top shape. We had our second really excellent practice in a row yesterday and a lot of it (at least on my part) was due to me not having to worry about my rig glitching at all. I just purchased v3 so again, thank you for the excellent products. I can't wait to see what comes next.

Eric Frame, Visalia, California

I love your concept of design. It is what we needed to do what we do live. Your product perfectly fit the bill... and it keeps only getting better. Thank You for a wonderful product. You’ve made a very unique product that performs solidly, is intuitive to use, and falls easily into the budget of the everyday musician.

Who We Are, Mansfield CT

Cantabile 3 is a revolution! You did a tremendous job!

Patrick from dDT

Cantabile is awesome! I've been using it with the OP-X Pro II soft synth and together they make a fantastic tool. Cantabile is a sweet product; very well designed and realised. Thanks for such a fantastic product.

Mike Synnott, Ashford, Co Wicklow, Ireland. Listen

This software is perfect for what I'm looking to do with my live band. It will allow me to take out 2 keyboards, instead of four. Also, I was surprised at how much easier it was to manipulate my powerful software suite than it is in my DAW. I realize that my DAW is great for recording, but is not great at live performance.

Dave, New York, USA

Your application is perfect for allowing me to create snapshots and quickly switching between them on a gig using the live view and my surface pro 3 i7. Thank you once again

Jason, Newcastle Australia

I auditioned many other VST hosts before discovering Cantabile. Nothing else even comes close as a robust solution for live performance.

Brad Caudle
Vice President - Rock 'N Learn, Inc.

Cantabile has completely exchanged and improved everything related to jamming, brainstorming riffs, songwriting, exploring new VSTi's... And I'm glad the updates and new features are still flowing steadily! It's the total experience.

KVRer Debby747, Germany

I thought it might be nice to say how excellent the recording feature is in Cantabile now! And how grateful one is to have it. I've never seen anything that will so naturally, easily and quickly let me get a musical sketch recorded. Everything -- including the naming of takes -- is automatic, with nothing to make you pause and lose the flow of the thing. Levels seem to set themselves nicely, and the tracks sound great with absolutely minimal adjustment. It's just a perfectly balanced functionality. This stuff is just wonderful

Larry Allis, USA

Just let me start by saying that I'm totally loving Cantabile! It's truly the best money I've spent on software ... ever! Thank you for making a totally fantastic live VST/MIDI host - the band and I are in your debt!

James Coyler

Cantabile is the best! The most convenient and feature-full live performance software I ever used.

Efenstor (Andrey Pivovarov), Russia,

Cantabile is after all those years of use still my favorite VST host to try out new VST plugins. And Cantabile is fantastic for multiple GFX Analyzer Plugins too !!


Great Product! There are many great ideas in Cantable, and I'm very excited about how fast you can get to all the sounds in ones VST instruments, capture ideas and just noodle without the usual DAW encumberments. The preset manager is also a godsend!!!

contrary, California, USA

From a musician's point of view, this is the most valuable piece of software on my DAW.

F.S. Moon, Belgium

...its a great program, thanks again. I love it. It made my day to discover it...

Fred Steffen, Ohio, USA

I love your product. Fabulous job! I needed a lightweight host that I can use with my keyboard at live gigs and I'm getting much too much latency with the heavyweight hosts like Cubase or Sonar.

Aryeh Berkowitz

I’m absolutely thrilled by your software!!!

Thorsten R., Germany

This is utterly amazing. I don't know why it took so long for someone to realise what musicians really need. I've been able to do more in an hour than I did with my Muse Receptor in months.

Matt Walsh

Great job! I have seen similar programs but yours is very well laid out and well done. Great work! Keep it up

Jordan, Ontario, Canada
I must say it is my favorite musical software I have used so far. It does exactly what I want, with a well thought UI and it is very efficient. I see everything I need to see, my CPU doesn't go over 35% and I can use all my fingers and foot on 6 different VST without ever hearing a clip. The price is perfect and the payment and activation process were very smooth. Next time I will go to the music store, I will tell the guy my review of your product. Thanks for making such a great software at an affordable price. Jean Lemieux
Last Saturday we used Cantabile the whole afternoon for VSTi live playback, and after a while we completely forgot that there is a software in testing phase. Nothing happened, except always stable and glitch-free playback. I am really impressed. Cantabile is not only good for stage performances, it is also very suitable for rehearsal and training purposes without using Cubase (9 Pro) which has sometimes too much dead weight to use it for small tasks. All in all Cantabile is a very well-thought-out software with practical features. It is definitely the main advantage of Cantabile to be strictly focused on live playing. Thank you also for your eBook “Glitch Free”! Joachim Kaiser, Germany,
I’m loving all of the advantages in Cantabile. :) I’m excited about my new possibilities to use all of my studio-plugins live on stage; thanks to Cantabile! I love the “rack-wise” thinking of your software. Cantabile is gorgeous , there’s nothing to miss! Peter Müggenborg - Aachen, West-Germany. studioAC.
I love it! Fantastic design. First the trial demo is great and I love that there are no limitations for the trial period. The interface is clean. I love the rack functionality and ability to save racks. Lastly, I have found the ability to save States function in Performer to be incrdible since I can create massive and complex synth patches with midi keyboard splits etc. using multiple instances of Sylenth1 for example. This is incredibly powerful! And all running from a laptop... I am shocked more people aren't tuned in to this kind of app. Nice work. Sphere Music Productions, Utah, USA
I appreciate the quality and effort you’ve put into this very much, and like many of the reviews I read, I would say that this is the perfect VST host for live performance. The routing of MIDI in/out that is seamless with audio signal routing is super intuitive and should serve as THE model for a very powerful user interface that anyone can operate with no previous experience. Excellent product – Keep up the good work… Kurt L, Port Angeles, WA.
I have been extremely pleased with Cantabile. It is incredibly straight forward compared to other similar software that I had tried. I would like to especially thank you for the excellent online videos for getting started. I have watched the videos on several occasions and found them incredibly useful. I would like to thank you and appreciate your work to make digital music something more within reach for traditional musicians. R.H.
Recently i bought some powerful soft synths & side-chained effects. I spent three days trying to figure out how to link them all up to my midi controllers in Sonar... then a couple of days ago, I stumbled upon your software. I bought Solo and had everything sounding great in 15 minutes or so. I also appreciate the way Cantabile organizes VSTs, easy to find, all the info on the VST right there, etc. Just an outstanding piece of software! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Gary Hoover, Serial Entrepreneur, Teacher.
Austin, Texas,
I downloaded Cantabile to use with VB3 - so far it's working marvelously, and is much less hassle than running it though a DAW. I've probably only scratched the surface of what's possible... Thanks for an effective and rock-solid product. Silas Friesen, Canadian trumpeter/composer/arranger
Thank you for your great proactive support, something we seldomly find in these fast launch & forget times. I tried out and recommended Cantabile for a friend who had been planning for a complex multi-keyboard setup to have live control over some instances of the Tyrell synth VSTi with some DAW as host. I could demonstrate that one master keyboard with a laptop and a free Cantabile host could simplify and add reliability to his setup by far, just using clever MIDI channel assignment, which really worked out for him. Carsten Trotzkowski, Betzdorf, Germany
I'm a huge fan and user of Cantabile for several years and I would like to thank you for having made such a masterpiece of software: really, there isn't anything like Cantabile for live situations. CreativiTea from Italy
I love your software and believe me I’m not getting tired to tell everyone especially all the musicians I know or met that your software is awesome and wonderful and the ultimate solution for every musician who uses a PC for Thomas, Münster Germany
I decided to try Canabile and since then I feel I have the power to do anything I can think of with my keyboard. Even record and play my own MIDI sequences. In addition, the software is very stable and gives me the confidence to rely on it for rehearsals and future live shows. Finally, the graphical interface is very clean, fluid and intuitive too. Congratulations on the excellent product. Alvaro Oliver, Santiago de Chile

I must say that you provide some of the best customer service and support for your products I've experienced anywhere. It reminds me of many years ago when people knew what that is and how important it is... I am always impressed with Cantabile when I run it.

James, Heber, Arizona USA

Wow! what support and customer care! Incredible... :) and the software it's incredible too... very fast, stable, well designed, of simple use, full of options... You really know how to develop a software. I'm using it live... and it works perfectly...

Roberto from Palermo (Italy)
This is the program I was looking for. It is great! It makes it so much easier to include the laptop on stage. The options to use controllers on several channels are perfect for my setup. I can hide the computer, all you see are some knobs and I can change everything while playing. Andreas, Switzerland [YouTube]

I would like to express my delight after having just used Cantabile for the first time. Your VST host is so easy to use, beautifully laid out, and feature filled! ASIO, MIDI, metronome, VST effects support, it's all incredible.

I can envisage using this piece of great software again and again, particularly to capture new ideas with new plugins with the MIDI and WAV recording functionality. Wow.

Thanks for releasing such a great product.

Matt Hawke, Adelaide, Australia

this software is just simply damn brilliant... I still have not found anything to better Cantabile

J M Green, Wellington, NZ

Wonderful, it works just as I expected! Cantabile is exactly what I needed, I want to use VST instruments without sequencers like Cubase...Many thanks for your helpful support!

Mathieu Schwebel, Strasbourg, France.

Just a quick note to express appreciation. For me, this is a seriously useful piece of music software, that is a joy to use. Your interface design is a model in how to expose often used features and to conceal those infrequently used.


first of all, I really like the whole idea of the program. I like that I can be watching a movie or sports or something else: and bang! I get an idea for a song, and I can just start recording, by just playing on my keyboard.... thanks for the great program!


Cantabile is absolutely GREAT software

Suresh c/o Artstream Band, Malaysia

Great randomizing features!

Soundro, Croatia

I just wanted to drop you a couple of lines about Cantabile. I use it daily, now, and am finding it invaluable to create my music. It suits my workflow and the fact that I can load many VSTi plugins and quickly change between them to play is very good.

Paul Slinn,

I've been running Cantabile and I find myself turning to it to quickly lay down ideas/jam or test new plugins.The autorecord function is brilliant;arm it and start playing

TJ Phillips (kvr musikmachine), UK

Congratulations! Cantabile is THE BEST VST HOST. Period. ... Thanks alot for this wonderful program!!

Carlos Ley, Spain

I love Cantabile. I am using it to run Amplitube for electric guitar sound in laptop. ... awesome software. Much less crashing and less delay than Cubase.

Cito Giulini, Charlotte, NC

It is just two days since I bought a Cantabile license and I’m very surprised by the quantity of good things hidden under the very simple and innocuous aspect.

Gianluca, Italy

...let me say that I love Cantabile. You did a great job with it. I use it all the time and I have many choices in the studio.

Bruce Miller

I have used Cantabile for a couple of months now in a live band setting. I think the software is great. I love how easy it is to use for the most part and it is a pretty lite shell to run my virtual intruments in. ... Thank you from a very satisfied customer.

Michael Henson, USA

I purchased Cantabile a few days ago and I think it's absolutely fantastic! No problems whatsoever with it. Small, fast, very good..

Sanne de Waard,, Germany

I just wanted to send you a quick comment to tell you that I find Cantabile a wonderful tool when I simply wish to mess around with the keyboard and try out a range of different VSTi plugins. Thanks once more, and keep up the fantastic work!

Patrick Gaul, Canada

...I would like to thank you so much for creating such a simple yet versatile program. this program is seriously going to make life a lot easier for me


Superb VST host and recorder!! Nice intuitive interface, and the really efficient audio engine works wonders on my crappy old machines. Assuming you're an Australian outfit, it makes me glad to see someone's doing something right here.

John Tungyep, Melbourne, Australia