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Don't let audio glitches ruin your performances!

An in-depth guide to tuning Windows for reliable real-time audio performance. A free eBook.

  • Are you a musician running audio software on Windows?

  • Have you encountered issues with audio “glitches” - drop-outs, clicks, stuttering and other unwanted noises?

  • Did you know that by default Windows is not configured for reliable real-time audio?

  • Is your machine stable for hours at a time and then randomly glitches for no apparent reason?

Whether you're composing in your bedroom, recording a podcast or performing in front of a packed house this book can help you get your machine running at it's best.


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Unsolicted Feedback

I've been fairly overwhelmed by the positive feedback on the book. Check out what people are saying:

Thanks a million and a half for the wealth of tips! I spent my 30+ year career writing real-time airplane simulator software for McDonnell Douglas and Boeing. For a little over the last ten of those years we were breaking new ground by teaching commodity Windows PCs to support hard real-time. I sure wish I had a resource like this eBook BEFORE I needed it.

Bob Altman, Westminster, CA

This is the clearest document I have ever read on how to ensure that your PC gives you the best possible audio performance. It’s written for people at my level, which is ‘enthusiastic amateur’. Finally, I get it!

Bas Möllenkramer, Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Wow! Thank you. Very well written.

Benjamin Tucker, Louisville, KY

I knew about a few of these tweaks before but I had been unaware of most of them.

Ray F., Toronto, Canada

Thank you for this, it is so precious! I've learnt a lot of things and some of my questions finally found answers, particularly when it comes to soundcards, drivers and sample rate.

Eric Larmier, Campouriez/Aveyron, Southern France,

I just wanted to thank you for you ebook on Windows setup... although I knew a lot of the info, it's so good to have so much detailed stuff all in one package... Really, really thank you - you've made my hellish tweaking time a lot easier!

Ubi D, Venice (Italy)

About the Author

Hi. I'm Brad Robinson, the founder and developer of Cantabile - software for musicians who perform live. Over the years, I've helped many customers get their machines running smoothly and reliably.

In this guide I've collected together everything I've learned into an in-depth yet easy to follow set of steps that explain the things to check, why they matter and how to fix the problems found.

Note that this book is not specific to Cantabile - the information is relevant for any Windows based system used for music and audio processing.