Cantabile now includes a “Set List Grid” — a way to display all your songs in a large, easy to read grid of song tiles.

There’s also been a few other improvements in set lists in general and if you’ve been following on Facebook or Twitter you’ll already be familiar with most of this, but here’s a quick run down…

Set List Grid

In the main song content area, there’s a new Set List Grid button:

When you click it (or press Ctrl+G) all the songs in the set list appear in a grid:

Click a song to load it, or use the arrow keys and press Enter to load a song.

It also works on touch screen devices as shown here:

Pinning and Adjusting the Layout

As this video shows, there’s some settings to control the grid layout. Also the little pin icon next to the grid icon can be used to keep the set list grid open after selecting a song:

Set List Filtering

Set List Filtering lets you filter the set list — just hit F3 and type a few letters and you can locate any song really quickly.

This video shows it in the grid, but you can do the same thing in the set list side panel:

Set List Grid Binding

I mentioned above that you can bring up the set list by clicking the grid icon, or by pressed Ctrl+G, but you can also show/hide it with a MIDI binding:

Also, if you don’t like Ctrl+G you can change it in Options | Hot Keys.

Set List Switcher Menu

Finally, there’s a new menu button in the set list side panel for quick access to recently used set lists which should make switching set lists quicker:

Improvements to Set List Sorting

Commands to sort the set list have been available for a while now however they weren’t really useful if you had your set list divided into sections since all the section breaks would get moved to the top of the list.

Set list sorting now operates within each section. When you choose one of the sort commands it will sort any section that contains selected songs.


Most of these changes are based on feedback from Cantabile’s users — thanks to everyone who’s made suggestions.

The set list grid and associated improvements are available in both Cantabile Solo and Cantabile Performer. (Cantabile Lite doesn’t support set lists).

Aside from the set list improvements, build 3239 also includes support for Atomic File Saving (to mitigate against corrupted/half written files) and better support for keyboard hot keys on international keyboards.

All this is available now in build 3239 and later. This is a very experimental build — so at this stage use at your own risk.