Cantabile’s new set list building improvements make it a breeze to knock together a new set list…

New Add Songs Dialog

Previously the Add Songs To Set List command showed a standard file open dialog and while it supported multiple selection it was a little tedious.

This has now been replaced with a new window where you can simply double click songs in order to add them to the set list (see above screen shot). By default it only lists songs that aren’t currently in the set list but there’s a check box to show all songs if you need it.

You can also select multiple songs and add them all at once, there’s an undo button if you make a mistake and also commands for inserting breaks and importing other set lists. Basically everything you need to build a set list in one handy little popup window.

You can get to the old file open dialog with the Browse button and the Folder button lets you change the folder shown in the song list.

Note too that this popup is “modeless” — which means you can still interact with the main set list panel without having to close the popup (eg: to delete or re-order songs)

Multiple Selection Re-ordering

The set list panel always supported re-ordering selecting a song and using Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down to move it up and down. Previously this was only supported when a single song was selected but has now been enhanced to support for multiple selections. If you select a non-contiguous selection all songs between the first and last selected song will be moved.

(btw: this multiple selection re-ordering is now also available in the states panel).

Drag Drop from Windows Explorer

You can now drag and drop song files from Windows Explorer onto the set list panel to add them to the set list. Make sure you drop them on the set list panel, dropping a song elsewhere on Cantabile’s main window will open it.

(Personally I find drag drop a slow way to do this, but some people seem to prefer it)

Import Set List

Finally, there’s a new command to import all the songs from another set list:

After you’ve selected the set list you’d like to import, you be prompted for a couple of simple options:

If you choose to maintain program numbers from the original set list you should check for conflicts with existing songs — Cantabile assumes you know what you’re doing here.

Available Now

These changes are available now in build 3174 and later. Enjoy!