Last week while writing blog posts and guides about Cantabile 3, I became quite fed site’s web server. Time for a clean up…

Over the years Cantabile’s (and Topten’s) web site has moved around quite a bit. The most recent version was running on ASP.NET on a Mono/OpenSuse server. It’s worked fine like this for many years, but recently I’ve noticed it’s been getting very slow while editing content.

I could’ve dug in and figured out the problem but a new server dedicated to just Cantabile is something I’ve been planning for a while. My concern here was that all the content was in a database rather than under version control.

To this end, the new site — the one you’re reading now (unless you’re from the future and I’ve moved it again — quite possible) is running on a custom node.js server serving the same content as before but exported from the database and now safely under version control.

In the process I’ve tweaked some of the styles and layouts a little, but resisted the temptation to give the whole site and overhaul — that’ll probably come later.

So with that out of the way it’s back to working on Cantabile!