Cantabile 3 Preview 2 is available now to licensed users of Cantabile 2. Also, the first few steps towards and OSX version have been taken and a German translation is available.

If you’re a licensed user of Cantabile 2, you can download Cantabile 3 Preview 2 from the same place as before (or use Cantabile 3’s built-in update checks). As mentioned in previous posts, Preview 2 includes:

Although this build was supposed to include support for VST 3 this has been abandoned for now.

Crash and Error Reports

While on the topic of Preview builds I should mention that although I’m tracking down and fixing issues as quickly as possible these preview builds shouldn’t be considered production quality. Cantabile is a complicated piece of software with dependencies on drivers and plugins that are outside my control. It will take time to stabilize.

If you encounter any issues please send through the details. If Cantabile prompts to send an error reports you can send them anonymously but sometimes I might need more information — please include your email address if you don’t mind being contacted about the issue. I really do rely these error reports and sometimes it takes several reports of the same issue to piece it all together.

OSX First Steps

Although obviously not included in this build, part of this sprint was to at least make a start on an OSX version. To this end, two of the core C++ libraries used by the audio engine have been ported and are building under OSX:

  • SampleLib — the audio sample conversion and mixing routines (including the SSE and SSE2 optimized versions)
  • ResampleLib — the sinc sample rate converter.

Although untested, just getting these to build is a good start. The next task in this area will be to port the audio engine itself.

German Translation

As mentioned Cantabile now support translation to other languages. Although I’m not including these translations in the installation package yet I’ve setup repository where you can download languages resources as they become available:

Thanks to efforts of a kind Cantabile user there’s now a German translation available. Although he didn’t want any acknowledgements or credit for his efforts I feel obliged to publicly say thanks. Thanks Dieter!