Recently I’ve received a number of enquiries asking about other methods to pay for Cantabile. Up until now the only option has been PayPal and while this generally works well, using a credit card without creating a PayPal account isn’t supported in some countries.

Well now you can pay by credit card directly on the Cantabile website.

A couple of quick notes:

  • The payment processing is handled by Stripe — they handle all the credit card data.
  • The Cantabile website never sees your credit card details so there’s no PCI compliance or security issues on our side of the transaction.
  • Stripe is a reputable company that’s well respected for providing excellent credit card processing services.

If you’re wondering why you’re prompted for a billing address when purchasing there are two reasons:

  1. It’s a fraud prevention mechanism that’s recommended by Stripe.
  2. I might have a small gift I’d like to send you after making the purchase.

So, if you’ve not been able to use PayPal there’s now an alternative payment method. Also the purchase page received a little spruce up while I was at it!