The other day I released Cantabile 2.0 build 2067. Mostly this consisted of some minor bug fixes (see the release notes), but also added a new feature — the ability to control more than 128 sub-sessions through MIDI assignments. This functionality is handled in typical MIDI fashion — using a CC to select a program bank.

So firstly, you’ll notice that all sub-sessions now have a program and bank number (previous versions only had the program number)

Next, there’s are two new controller assignments to select the active sub-session program bank:

  • Sub-sessions — Select Specific Sub-session Bank
  • Sub-sessions — Select Sub-session bank

The first assignment allows mapping a single button to a specific, pre-selected program bank. The second assignment selects the bank specifed by the CC value.

The normal way to set this up would be to assign CC 32 to the sub-session bank select and program change to load the subsession, similar to the following screen shot:

So now, as long as your controller sends the bank select CC before the program change event you can now switch between multiple banks of sub-sessions!