Today I released Cantabile build 2066 which contains an important update for users of Cantabile x64 that fixes a crash that occurs when under heavy memory load. If you’re using Cantabile x64 with any large sampler synths I highly recommend updating to this new build.

This new build also contains a few other less critical bug fixes. See the release notes.

Edge Triggered Latch

Also in this build is a new option on the Controller Latch filter that allows configuring under which conditions the filter is triggered:

  • Edge Triggered — the filter triggers on a positive edge of the controller from <64 to >64
  • Non-edge Triggered — the filter triggers on receiving any CC value

There are a few other places in Cantabile where this concept of edge/non-edge triggers might be useful, so expect to see this term introduced in other places.

Non-edge Custom Controller Button

Most of the features of the on-screen keyboard stem from the fact that I often don’t have a real MIDI controller with me when developing Cantabile. In order to test the above changes I needed a way to trigger a non-edge controller event so the on-screen keyboard custom buttons can now be configured to just send a CC value on press:

(Note the value of “None” for the button’s off value).