Cantabile is a music workstation for live performing musicians. It’s specifically designed with keyboard players in mind but is just at home handling guitar and vocal effects or any other real-time audio processing duties.

Cantabile lets you:

  • Load VST instrument and effect plugins and play them in real-time
  • Create complex and dynamically changing keyboard splits and layers
  • Pre-configured plugins into racks and re-use them across multiple songs
  • Manage a set list of songs and switch between them really quickly
  • Setup show notes with lyrics, images, reminders etc…
  • Carry less gear!

It also includes audio and MIDI file playback, recording features, ability to integrate with external MIDI gear and the ability to control everything via MIDI (so you don’t need to touch your PC during your performance). It even supports touch screens and hi-resolution screens for super crisp display.

We offer great support and our engaged and friendly community means you’ll never be stuck with a problem.

Still not sure? Check out these testimonials or download a free trial (or the free Lite version)