Cantabile 3 build 3120 released today introduces a couple of minor, but handy new features including some new display options, a new learn mode in the MIDI route settings window and the ability to suppress metronome measure sounds.

Display Format Options

In Options | General you’ll now find a new section “Formatting” which let you tweak the way certain values are displayed in Cantabile:

Program Numbers
Controls whether MIDI program number start at 0 or 1.
Program Banks
Determines whether program bank numbers are displayed as separate MSB.LSB values or combined into a 14-bit number and displayed as a single integer
Display Middle-C As
Adjusts the base octave number for displaying note names.

MIDI Route Settings Learn Mode

A lot of people have asked for a way to learn keyboard splits so the MIDI Route Settings popup now has a learn mode for the key range and transpose settings:

To use learn mode:

  1. Turn on the learn mode option
  2. Click in the field you want to learn (Lowest Note, Highest Note or Transpose)
  3. Play a note on the keyboard connected to this MIDI route

For the note range fields, it’s updated to the note you play. For the transpose field it’s set to the interval between the last two notes played. eg: playing C followed by E would set it to “+0.4 — up a major 3rd”

Turning of Metronome Measure Sounds

Sometime you just want the beat and don’t care about a different sound on the first beat of the bar/measure so there’s a new option now to turn the measure sounds on/off — just right click on the metronome sounds button:

Available Now

These features are available now in build 3120 and later.