Today I’ve implemented an often asked for feature — the ability to replace a plugin with a different one.

There’s a couple of caveats to be aware of with using this command:

  1. It can’t be undone — there’s simply too much state information that would need to be captured to undo this operation.
  2. Any plugin specific data in and rack/song states will be discarded since it won’t apply to the new plugin.
  3. Any state behaviours specific to the plugin (ie: parameters) will be turned off.

Also note that the audio port configuration of the plugin is left unaffected so that existing routes will continue to work. The catch here is that if the new plugin has a different number of audio input or output channels then some of the old ports may not work (if those channels don’t exist on the new plugin) and some plugin channels may not be available (because the new plugin has more audio channels). In either case the fix is to edit the plugin’s audio ports and reconfigure as required.

Available now in build 3186.