The latest build of Cantabile has a handy little feature that makes it easy to print a set list based on your Cantabile set list.

All you need to do is choose “Printable Set List” from the Tools menu and the set list will be opened in your browser from where you can print it, copy it, or whatever…

Customizing the Appearance

If you’re familiar with HTML/CSS these “reports” can be customized because they’re generated using a simple text file template. Here’s the default template which you can find in Cantabile’s installation folder as “printableSetList.txt”

Cantabile also looks in the Resource folder for this file so you can easily override it with your own template:

First, in Options → File Locations, check you’ve set a location for resource files:

Next, copy the default template “printableSetList.txt” to that folder and edit as you see fit. (yes, the file name must be named printableSetList.txt)

Run the Tools → Printable Set List command and it should use your template.

Types of Customization

The customizations that you might like to make are a little limited at the moment, but you could easily:

  1. Customize fonts and colors
  2. Put your band name and emblem on the top
  3. A footer on the bottom with other information
  4. Use JavaScript to make it interactive somehow?

Taking it Further

Down the track I’d like to enhance this model so that more information is available to the template — enough so that reports covering information like this can be generated.

In the meantime, this simple printable report is available now in build 3216.