Cantabile’s audio engine now builds on OS-X!

Although I’m primarily focusing on Windows for the preview builds, in each sprint I’m committing some time to porting pieces of Cantabile to OS-X.

For the last sprint I ported all the sample conversion and re-sampling routines. For this sprint the goal was to get the audio engine compiling on OS-X — which it now does. There are still some areas to be completed later when I can actually get it up and running, but the bulk of it is there.

The main piece of work left for OS-X now is Cantabile’s user interface library, aka “GuiKit”. GuiKit provides the platform independent API that all of Cantabile’s user interface is built against. GuiKit is a fairly exhaustive library so I’ll probably spread it’s port to OS-X over the next few sprints.

Besides some documentation and testing this sprint is pretty much done — Preview 3 should be available soon.