Offline rendering is the ability to quickly process a media file through a set of plugins and racks to produce an output audio file.

Unlike normal audio processing which is done in real-time, offline processing is done as quickly as your machine can process things.  This gives two advantages:

  1. The processing can be a lot faster, with minutes long media files often being able to be processed in just a few seconds.
  2. For processing intensive plugins, the quality settings can be dialed right up without risk of audio drop outs (since the processing isn't in realtime).

Full instructions on how to use the offline renderer can be found here, but all you need to do is set a media file as the master transport and from the File menu, choose the Offline Render command.

Set the options as you want, choose which audio output ports to include in the recording and press OK.

Available Now

Offline rendering is available in Cantabile Solo and Performer starting with build 4188 (available now).