Cantabile now has support for non-edge triggered MIDI Assignments.

Prior to this build Cantabile required that controller assignments to commands be edge triggered. ie: their value transitions from a value less than 64 to a value greater than 64. Most of the time this works well since most MIDI controllers send 127 when the button is pressed and 0 when then button is released. This approach also stops commands being invoked multiple times in a row if one should accidentally assign a slider or knob.

A few MIDI controllers however send 127 when pressed and nothing when released. In other words, Cantabile just sees a stream of 127 values each time the button is pressed and the “edge” is never triggered.

To support these other kinds of controllers, Cantabile has a new option in the MIDI Assignments window:

When checked the old behaviour is used, when cleared the assignment will trigger on any non-zero CC value.

This functionality is available now in the latest experimental build.