The latest build of Cantabile supports a new set list binding target that lets you load a song with a specific program number. There’s also been some minor re-arrangement and renaming of list of bindings.

The new binding target “Load Song with Program” allows binding to a song with a specific program number.

Once selected, in the next “Options” column you can choose any song in the set list and Cantabile will associate the binding with the song’s program number.

This is similar to the previous binding “Load Specific Song” except instead of loading a song at a particular index in the set list it looks for a song with the specified program number. To clarify the difference between the two bindings, the old binding has been renamed to “Load Song with Index”.

These shouldn’t to be confused with the similarly named binding targets “Load Song by Program” and “Load Song by Index”.

Load Song with Program
Loads the song with a specified program number
Load Song with Index
Loads the song at a specified position in the set list
Load Song by Program
Loads the song with a program number matching the value sent via MIDI
Load Song by Index
Loads the song at the index specified by the sent MIDI event

Finally, the list of available set list bindings has been re-ordered to move the less commonly used bindings towards the bottom of the list.

Available now in build 3165