Cantabile now supports a new setting to control the sensitivity vs stability of the tempo detection when synchronized to external MIDI clock sources.

Since MIDI Clock events don’t include an explicit indicator for tempo, Cantabile needs to measure the interval between clock events and calculate the tempo that it displays and reports to plugins.

Depending whether the tempo is changing quickly or is fairly stable you might prefer Cantabile to either respond quickly (but possibly erratically) to tempo changes, or you might prefer it to lock onto a tempo and remain stable while responding to changes more slowly. This new setting in the MIDI Ports page controls this behaviour.

Further, the algorithm for calculating tempo has been improved of Cantabile 2. Cantabile 2 used an averaging algorithm to determine tempo, while Cantabile 3 now uses a Delay Locked Loop which should in general be more stable.

One important note about MIDI clock synchronization. If you’re synchronizing plugins to an external MIDI Clock source, you might find some plugin are very sensitive to the tempo changing — even if just jittering around an otherwise fixed tempo. Some plugins will glitch and generally not behave well. If you notice a plugin behaving poorly in this situation consider switching to the more stable mode.

These changes are available in build 3144 and later.