It took a bit longer than expected, but Cantabile 3 now supports MIDI assignments!

New UI

The UI has been completely redesigned from Cantabile 2 and now lives in a new tab on the home screen:

Also, the assignments can be more precisely edited unlike v2 where you had to “learn” every assignment and the editor supports undo/redo and clipboard operations. Setting up MIDI should now be a lot easier.

Of course you can still learn the assignments too:

Source Controller Types

One of the other things that’s changed is that some of the options on the source controllers have been collapsed down into different source controller types:

To explain some of these:

  • Controller — this is a normal MIDI CC controller event that can be assigned to a variable value (eg: a gain level) or an on/off value (eg: plugin bypass) or a command (eg: transport play). For on/off and command targets it triggers when the value crosses from <64 to >=64. ie: it’s edge triggered.
  • Controller (Fine) — these assignments combine MIDI CC 0–31 with 32–63 to create a more precise 14 bit controller.
  • Controller (No Edge Button) — use this for MIDI buttons that send a non-zero value when pressed and no event or a CC value of 0 when released. ie: it triggers on any non-zero value.
  • Controller (Switch) — this is for non-momentary on/off MIDI buttons and switches that send a value >=64 when on and <64 when off.
  • The others should be self explanatory.

Global vs Session Assignments

You’ll notice in the screen shot above there are two sections — Global and Session assignments. Global assignments are saved globally and will work in all sessions while session assignments are saved in the session and only available when that session is loaded. Some assignment types (eg: assignments to specific plugins) are only available in the Session assignments list.

Note too you can copy/paste (or move up/down) assignments between the two groups.

If you’re licensed for Cantabile 2 you can download a new build with this functionality now and as always if you find any issues (this is a preview build after all), please let me know.