Starting today there has been some changes to Cantabile’s subscription model to:

  1. provide better value for users who keep their subscriptions active and
  2. make it fairer for users who’ve let their subscription lapse.

In case you’re wondering, Cantabile subscriptions are not required to run the software — they’re only for updates and Cantabile will continue to run indefinitely without an active subscription. When you purchase Cantabile it includes one year of free updates after which you need an active update subscription to continue to receive updates and new features. For more details about the rationale behind this please see this article — Explaining Cantabile Subscription Model.

Previously when you renewed your subscription 12 months would be added to the end of your current subscription expiry date — regardless of when you purchased the subscription. If your subscription ran out in January and you renewed it in March, it would only extend to January the following year — not 12 months from the date your purchased the subscription.

The changes introduced today make things a little fairer and a little better value. Depending whether your current subscription has already expired, one of two things will happen:

  • If your subscription hasn’t expired, your new subscription will add 12 months to the end of the current expiration date (so you get a full year worth of updates) and you get an early bird discount of about 20%. This is the same as before, but cheaper.
  • If your subscription has expired, your new subscription will cover you for 12 months from the current date (you still get a full year worth of updates) but you won’t get the discount. This is the same price as before but you get more updates.

Cantabile subscription prices are currently:

  • Cantabile Performer — early bird $80 otherwise $99
  • Cantabile Solo — early bird $30 otherwise $39

The update subscriptions are an important part of making Cantabile a viable business and without them I wouldn’t be able to continue to update the software. Thank you to everyone who supports Cantabile by keeping their subscriptions active — I hope these changes make things a little fairer for everyone involved.