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Troubleshooting Cantabile

The following notes describe how to generate log files and crash mini-dumps for diagnosing problems with Cantabile.

Before continuing, please read the current release notes as the issue you're encountering may already be fixed, or a work around suggested.

Please understand that any application that hosts plugins and modules developed by others is susceptible to crashes and other problems due to different interpretations of technical specifications by the developers involved. The extensive range of VST plugins available makes it impossible for us to test Cantabile with all plugins.

Cantabile includes a logging and tracing capability to help diagnose these problems.

Generating a Cantabile Log File

Please follow these steps if you encounter a reproducible problem with Cantabile:

Once the problem has been reproduced, do the following:

Once finished, you can disable logging.

Crash Reporting with Mini-dumps

If Cantabile crashes it will automatically create a crash mini-dump file. A mini-dump captures essential information about the state of the program at the time of the crash and is an invaluable resource in resolving these crashes.

The mini-dumps generated by Cantabile have a .mdmp file extension, are time-stamped and saved in the same folder as Cantabile's log files. Use the Find Log File button in the Diagnostics and Troubleshooting dialog to locate the folder.

In some older builds, these files may be found here:

If the crash you're reporting is reproducible, please enable logging (see above) and also send the generated log file. For one-off crashes, send just the mini-dump file.

In addition to the mdmp and log files, please include a detailed description of how to reproduce the crash, including details on the audio driver you're using and all plugins used.

Reporting Faults

When reporting faults, try to include as much information as possible, including:

In the case of a crash, please include the mini-dump that Cantabile should have automatically created (see above).

All fault reports should be sent by email - see the contact page for details.


Thanks for your time and effort in helping improve the quality of Cantabile! We take all fault reports seriously and you can generally expect to receive a reply with 24 hours.