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Core Functionality

Unlimited plugins and racks, unlimited audio and MIDI players, audio and MIDI automatic and manual recording, set lists, MIDI filters, MIDI controller assignments, per-rack split and transpose, multi-channel audio, offline rendering, preset morph and randomize tools, program organiser and shared preset bank, metronome, multi-core CPU support, x64 support more...


Super fast song switching using saved states within a session.


MIDI Routing Table

Powerful conditional MIDI routing.



Configure external MIDI devices on song load.



MIDI clock sync, partial sends, 64-bit audio processing, media groups, large status panel, more...

Solution Graphics

Cantabile 3 is coming... but it's still at least a couple of months away.

By purchasing a license for Cantabile 2 you will be entitled to a reasonably priced upgrade path when Cantabile 3 is released. You'll also get access to the Cantabile 3 Preview builds which are available now.

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this software is just simply damn brilliant... I still have not found anything to better Cantabile

- J M Green, Wellington, NZ

Congratulations! Cantabile is THE BEST VST HOST. Period. ... Thanks alot for this wonderful program!!

- Carlos Ley, Spain

From a musician's point of view, this is the most valuable piece of software on my DAW.

- F.S. Moon, Belgium

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